About Us

City Broadband was founded in mid of 2012 by the group of people, who have built some of best private networks in India for enterprise, broadband and other IT services.

With only one motto in mind "To Provide Best Quality Internet Service With Minimal Amount To Its Consumers"

City Broadband is adequately funded by top-end global investors and is committed to comply with the highest standards of corporate governance

The authority is interested in exploring all reasonable and viable proposal for the operation of its network to best serve the telecommunication needs of its citizen.

The City broadband private Group’s employees are guided by the mission "To Be Passionate in Providing The Best Experiences That Excite Our Customers Globally."

Established in 2012, city broadband’s presence cuts across the length and breadth of India. Partnered with Over more than 5 big class A ISP’s, city broadband has its presence in every state of the nation.